• The actors portraying characters in this training module do not represent all aspects of disability, or every transit rider situation. Every person with or without a disability is a person first, and this training module attempts to depict scenarios that do occur in order to highlight drivers’ awareness about disabilities and the need for appropriate ADA response.
  • Though we have sought consultation from many advocacy and consumer groups, we know that these portrayals of persons with disabilities, people with invisible disabilities, regular transit riders and driver statements or scenarios in no way can depict or generalize to every specific disability or individual driver response.

Earning a Certificate for Completion of the Transit Drivers’ A.D.A. & Disability Awareness Training Module:

All users who earn a score of 100% will have the option of printing off a Certificate of Completion with your name and date earned. Users who were not able to earn 100% of the score will be able to retake the incorrectly answered quizzes by clicking on the "Completion Status" link at the bottpm of left hand side Menu.

Be Sure That You Answer EVERY Question to Earn the Certificate. You MUST ANSWER Every Question; You Will Be Given the Opportunity to Re-Answer Any Questions That Were Incorrect At The End of the Module.