LexTran Participants
  • John Givens, Director of Risk Management
  • Claude Scott, Training Coordinator
  • Roy Campbell, Coach Operator
  • Tim Lloyd, Coach Operator

HDI Consumer Advisory Council Participants & Scripting Consultants
  • Norb Ryan, Director of KY Office of the ADA
  • Shannon Caldwell, BSW, HDI,Consumer Advisory Council
  • Paula Caldwell , BSW, HDI Consumer Advisory Council
  • Fannie Stonestreet, HDI Consumer Advisory Council
  • Andrea Straussburg, LFUCG Commission for Citizens with Disabilities
  • Morry LaTour, HDI Consumer Advisory Council
  • John Glisson, Kentuckiana Blinded Veteran’s Assoc.

HDI Staff Participants
  • Dr. Harold Kleinert, Executive Director
  • Marybeth Vallance, MSW, Pre-service Training Coordinator
  • Daniel Livingston, Information Services Director
  • Darrell Mattingly, Web Developer
  • Special thanks to Judy Johns and Andrea Monge, who served as actors.

Other Participants
  • Filmed by Moran Media
  • Training Module Design by Nischal Pradhan, MediaTechFx